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Lux Classic

The Lux Classic is a modern version of the
traditional canisters we sold 30-40 years ago
and that's not a bad thing, people still love
the old style attachments
and the lightweight body,
it is the lightest heavy duty vacuum.
Assembled in Bristol, Virginia
Easy Bag change - Uses style "C" bags
Can be bought with standard attachments if you have no carpet
deluxe brushes, wands and sidekick mini power nozzle
are available

The Lux Classic has a long history, going back to the
Canadian AP series canisters made in the mid 1970s
They have gone through various ugrades over the years
and are still popular vacuums.  It makes sense, the average
life of one of these canisters is 20 years.  
I talk to plenty people who bought a version of the Lux Classic 30 years ago
and I ask them "how many other products do you use that you bought 20-30 years ago?"