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Beyond Guardian Heater
Portable heater & air purifier

Excelent portable 5,100 BTU heater that also has ActivePure air purification,
can be used as an air purifier by itself when not using the heat.  

Uses a revolutionary PTC ceramic core heating element which has an estimated 80,000 hour life span

Copper heat exchange provides even heat distribution.

Requires little maintenance and unlike other heaters there are no expensive heating bulbs to replace

Automatically turns off if tipped slightly in any direction to prevent fires or burns.
Shuts off if internal temperature reaches a certain degree to prevent damage.

Dual Purpose Timer
Allows you to control how long unit runs.
1. Allows user to set a delayed start, up to 12 hours in 1 hour increments.
2. Allows heater to operate for up to 12 hours and then automatically shuts off.

7 Adjustable Heat Levels

Remote Control

Soft grate coating prevents grate from absorbing heat, eliminating potential for burns if touched.