Aerus, formerly named Electrolux Corp USA -  History in Pictures
This is a somewhat brief overview of the history of the North American Electrolux - now named Aerus

In 1924, Gustaf Sahlin came to the US from Sweden.  
His task was to set up a new company and sales force to sell the new, and at the time unusual, Model V canister vacuum in America.
The Model V was made by Electro-Lux AB of Sweden and was the first canister vacuum.

In 1931, temporary US production started in Cleveland Ohio, with the manufacture of the model XII

In 1933, permanent US production was secured with the factory at Old Greenwich, which remained operational until the 1980s
That same year, Electrolux of Sweden sold its majority stocks to US investors and Electrolux Corp USA became an independent company.

In 1937, the company introduced the Model XXX (30) - it was in production until 1954.
It was the first American designed Electrolux and it is considered one the top 100 US inventions of all time.  
It is also the epitome of 1930s Art Deco

In 1941 vacuum production ended and the factory was converted to make torpedo motors and other motors and electronics for the war effort.

In 1952, the company introduced the Model LX (60), it was the first vacuum with a
sealed-disposable bag and the first to cut off when the bag got full.  
This was the original "C" bag style machine that some of our new canisters still use

In the mid 1950s, the company debuted the Model E and later Model AE, they where more modern and lighter weight.  Models AF,G,S,R,L where all based off of these machines

1957 - Model AF

In 1959, the company introduced the first motor powered power nozzle, the company still uses it's same general gear drive design.

In 1961, the company introduced the iconic Model G, it's the epitome of 1950s early 1960s styling.  It was the fist Lux to have a built in cordwinder.
Made from 1961-1967


1962 - B8 floor polisher and shampooer - first stand alone shampooer for in-home use.  Was in production from 1962-1984

1966- Model L - versions of the Model L would be made unitl 1978

In 1968, the company came out with the Model 1205.  
It's design was completely different, with a sealed inner body, first integrated electric hose and squared off styling,
every canister the company has made since is essentially based off the 1205

Also in this same year, Electrolux AB of Sweden sold off it's remaining shares to Consolidated Foods.  
Consolidated Foods acquired more shares to become the majority shareholder, they also acquired Electrolux Canada

1970 - The Bristol Virginia Manufacturing Center is opened, it initially made Model L, B8 shampooers and Power Nozzles.
Gradually all production or assembly would be shifted there.  It is still the company's main factory.

1974 - 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Model

1976 - Super J - The Super J used a longer body which could house it's new more powerful motor.

1978- Olympia One

1978 - Special Model - These machines would be made unitl 1985

CB Model and 1363 Upright - The CB model had been made since the 1960s and was a heavy duty shop vac

1982 - Silverado Deluxe - In 1983 The company introduced the PN5 power nozzle which was a revolutionary and efficient power nozzle,
every power nozzle the company has made since has been based on the PN5 general design.
The 1984 Silverado Canisters used a different body and new Canadian Motor

1982 - CB200 - The CB200 replaced the stainless steel CB models, versions of the cb200 would be made until the late 1990s

In 1983 the company started to combine its product line with Electrolux Canada,
with the introduction of the plastic body LE and 2100 canisters, these evolved into the Diplomat and Ambassador series canisters.
a version of this machine is still made as the Lux Classic.

1984 - Diamond Jubilee Canister and Diamond Jubilee Floor Pro

The Discovery II Upright also debuted in 1984.  The company has made uprights of this general design ever since. The Lux Guardian Upright is the newest version

1987 - Marquis lineup

In 1988 the Company introduced the UltraLux canister it was the last metal 1205 stlye canister and was made until 1994

1990 - 1590 CentraLux central vac system - this model replaced the earlier Canadian 1580 central vac,
the 1590's design has evolved over the years, with the new E130L CentraLux as the lastest and most powerful version of it.

1992 - Epic 3500 Upright

The very rare 1993/94 Commemorative Edition Ultralux was a salesman award

1994 -  Rennaissance, very innovative design, but had issues with it's early computer boards.

1997 - Epic 6500, variations of the 6500 had been made since the 1992 Epic 6000,
The 1993 Epic 6500 debuted the SuperLux deluxe attachments.  The Lux Legacy is the modern version

1998 - Guardian Canister, By 1998 the company had figured out how to make reliable computer boards with the Epic 8000,
also installed one of the first True HEPA filters on a vacuum

1998 - Sara Lee Corp (Formerly Consolidated Foods) sells Electrolux Corp USA to Joe Urso.  
Electrolux Corp is renamed Electrolux LLC USA and is again a totally independent company.  
Joe Urso is still the owner.

1999 - All main machines became light blue / white

In 2001, Electrolux USA, began to transition to it's new name:  Aerus LLC
Electrolux LLC USA sold most of the naming rights in North America back to Electrolux AB Sweden
In 2004, the name change became finalized.  
Aerus is reorganized using the Lux brand which they still retain naming rights.  
All products that used Electrolux branding would now be sold under the Lux brand of Aerus.

In 2002, Aerus Electrolux developed the Lux Guardian Air - air purification system.  
It was a revolutionary device that combined technologies for household use
that at that time that where only used in commercial settings

2008 - Guardian Ultra - Short lived deluxe version of the Lux classic style of machine - It had it's own unique body / trim and used a sealed HEPA system

2013 - Lux Platinum, the most advanced canister ever, sealed tripple HEPA system.  
The company's quietest,  most powerful and hygenic canister ever

2017 - Aerus creates the Beyond Guardian Air using patented ActivePure Technology.  It was inducted into the SPACE Foundation Hall of Fame



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