Aerus Lux Uprights
The Lux Guardian and Lux Commercial uprights are heavy duty cleaners that will last a long time.  
The reason they last so long is that unlike nearly every other vacuum that is on the market,
where everything you pick up goes into the fan of the motor and then pushed into a container.  
No dirt or debris ever enters the motor of the Lux line of uprights, a clean motor is a happy motor.
Lots of power, easy to use, rugged desgn, easy and hygenic bag change.  
Lux Guardian and Lux Commercial Uprights last a long time.

Lux Guardian Deluxe Upright
The Lux Guardian Deluxe Upright is a powerful and easy to use, hygenic upright.

Low profile that can lay down flat, very easy to get under furniture

This is a vintage commercial for the predecessor of the Lux Guardian Upright

Lux Commercial Upright
Great for Businesses & Residential -
We sell a lot of these to churches, because they are great for cleaning under the pews

Optional 50ft cord available

Aerus Lite - Cordless
A handy lightweight cordless upright - great for quick cleanup or condos

Verdian Endeavor
Endeavor is a small hand held battery powered vacuum - great for quick cleanup
I have a parrot, and when you just want to clean up quickly from it throwing food everwhere, this is perfect
Not for hard use or heavy cleaning

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