Aerus Electrolux 1924

Aerus, since 1924, you have known us as Electrolux Corp, the company that set the standard for quality vacuum cleaners.  In 2003, we changed our name to Aerus, but we haven't changed our commitment to sell  the best high-quality vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

Bill Freidlander & Ray Satterwhite 1984    Bill Friedlander & Ray Satterwhite 2018
Bill Friedlander (left) - Ray Satterwhite (right)
Ray Satterwhite - Richmond, VA Franchise Owner - I have been with Lux since 1976

10833B West Broad Street
Glen Allen, Va 23060



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Watch this video about the Great Lux Platinum Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Watch the video to learn more about ActivePure and the Beyond Guardian Air Purification System

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and the Amazing Benefits of ActivePure Technology

The Best and Easiest Shampooer / Polisher Ever Made
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Never Buy Laudry Detergent Again!
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Lux Videos

Aerus Lux Classic Canister Vacuum

Aerus Lux Legacy Deluxe Canister Vacuum

Aerus Lux Guardian Upright

Aerus Lux Commercial Upright

Never use Laundry Detergent Again with the Aerus Laundry Pro 2.0

The Beyond Guardian Air is a revolutionary air purification device.  Originally developed by NASA for use on the International Space Station

Aerus Beyond Guardian Heater

Aerus Lux Centralux - The best Central vacuum system

Aerus Electrolux has a proud heritage of great long lasting vacuum cleaners.  Just like back in the olden days, Lux vacuums are still designed to last 20 years.

This was the commercial for the Electrolux Discovery II upright that first came out in the mid 80s.  All modern Lux uprights are based around its design, but have way more suction now.

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Ray's son Bryan, is reknown for rebuilding - restoring  Electrolux / Aerus vacuums


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Aerus Electrolux Since 1924